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Why use video on your website?

Find out how video can help your business With millions of people using YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other video websites, is it about time you thought about video? Here’s a few reasons to use video on your website… Video doubles the time spent on your website “Dwell time on a web page containing video more […]

Social Media explained with donuts

A fun way to help understand Social Media… Social media is popping up on the web all over the place and it’s hard to ignore it. We’ve all heard of Facebook and many of us have an account and many friends who have them too. Twitter too is becoming commonplace with many TV and Radio […]

Top 6 websites today

Top 6 websites according to Alexa Alexa.com ranks websites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox and from their extension for Chrome. A useful exercise is to visit each of the websites in your coffee break and see if you feature in any of the relevant ones […]

Microsoft attacks Google new privacy policy

A previously leaked video by Microsoft has been released officially on the Microsoft YouTube channel and promoted via Twitter and Facebook. Google’s new privacy policy has some people up in arms as Google is combines dozens of privacy policies into one, and saying that they will use information from all if their products to help […]