Microsoft attacks Google new privacy policy

A previously leaked video by Microsoft has been released officially on the Microsoft YouTube channel and promoted via Twitter and Facebook.

Google’s new privacy policy has some people up in arms as Google is combines dozens of privacy policies into one, and saying that they will use information from all if their products to help personalise other products. For example if you searched for “jewellery” when you visit YouTube the next time you may have suggested some jewellery videos.

Microsoft has jumped on the opportunity to slam Google on this issue and is hitting the media hard with full page ads in major newspapers suggesting users switch to Microsoft alternatives like Office 365, Hotmail and Bing.

Google acted quickly to counter Microsoft’s suggestions on its public policy blog…

Myth: Google reads your email. [Microsoft]
Fact: No one reads your email but you. Like most major email providers, our computers scan messages to get rid of spam and malware, as well as show ads that are relevant to you.

Google hit back at Microsoft’s own privacy policy…

We don’t make judgments about other people’s policies or controls. But our industry-leading Privacy Dashboard, Ads Preferences Manager and data liberation efforts enable you to understand and control the information we collect and how we use it—and we’ve simplified our privacy policy to make it easier to understand. Microsoft has no data liberation effort or Dashboard-like hub for users. Their privacy policy states that “information collected through one Microsoft service may be combined with information obtained through other Microsoft services

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