Archive | February, 2012

UK directory links

Grab yourself a few free links back to your website We’ve compiled a small list of good quality UK websites where you can add your website and link back to yours without cost. Getting back links helps you with your rankings and brings your website to a new audience. There is no point getting backlinks […]

Top 6 websites today

Top 6 websites according to Alexa ranks websites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox and from their extension for Chrome. A useful exercise is to visit each of the websites in your coffee break and see if you feature in any of the relevant ones […]

Microsoft attacks Google new privacy policy

A previously leaked video by Microsoft has been released officially on the Microsoft YouTube channel and promoted via Twitter and Facebook. Google’s new privacy policy has some people up in arms as Google is combines dozens of privacy policies into one, and saying that they will use information from all if their products to help […]

Lost iPad: iCloud to the rescue

iCloud helps find lost iPad Losing your iPad could seem like a disaster to most of us but if you use iCloud, here’s a tale to give you hope. Read and remember! A sales manager was pleasantly surprised by the swift reaction of police officers after he lost his iPad at an airport. He boarded […]